Your kids don't have ADD. You're allowing a system to take away their freedom of creativity. Your child "acting out" is them trying to not lose themselves.




The First Commandment is Love


Why do people in lower developed countries appear happier than those who have 'everything'?

I enjoy reading blogs and articles of people visiting under-developed nations in certain parts of the world. When they come back they share how beautiful the people are and how inviting the community is. They speak of the diverse foods they got to share with the locals and participating in their culture. One thing that never fails to be mentioned about the locals is how happy they are even though they have less than most. Recently I have been listening to podcast and watching sermons of some of the most influential people of our time. I don't even think I've listened to music in the past week. I've gotten addicted to learning about people's success through struggle and how the laws of the universe helped them get their foot through the third door (Alex Banayan).

I feel that when people come back from their journey they express how wonderfully happy the people they've met along the way are, but they do not get descriptive. The most important and sometimes most annoying question you can ever ask is 'Why'? These are children not knowing when their next meal will be. Some have to skip class or drop out of school to care for their loved ones and are unsure if they'll complete their education. There are people who walk miles just to get clean water and have no access to proper healthcare yet we are warmed with the biggest smiles we will ever see. For those of us living in developed countries we are consumed by technology and always needing to have the latest and most advance piece of metal and plastic. We are constantly sold on how we should look and dress, the types of cars we should drive and the latest appliances we need to have in our homes. Sadly we are not sold on how to make our families work. Alternatively we see more billboards along our highways to contact a divorce lawyer instead of how to keep a home happy. Subconsciously we are sold on going on more vacations so we can worker harder at our jobs, always being 'happy' & disfiguring our bodies to look 'perfect' instead of being taught about self love and money management.

The reason our brothers and sisters in developing countries are happy is because they are not exposed to these false teachings telling them how they should look or the things they should have. Can you imagine never being surrounded by such toxic how much happier we would be with ourselves? Another thing is love. We lack showing one another love and most importantly ourselves. Love is the most valuable thing we have disposed of in our everyday lives due to the selfish world we live in. Even though they have less than the average person we should never fail to see that the reason these people have true happiness is because they do not have anything of little value interfering with what is 

“Love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment, and the second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and prophets hang on these two things. “

Matthew 22 37-40 NIV

Some friends and I are hosting a Friendsgiving. We are partnering with No Kid Hungry to provide 10,000 meals to children by raising $1,000. Your donations would be greatly appreciated.




He reminded me of a search engine, the utterance he'd spit out and I'd wonder what useless information yet so intriguing. 

As he speaks passionately the space dust in his eyes become more clear. as much as I try to concentrate on his encyclopedia his voice becomes echoed. My eyes intensely staring into his. 

For a second I thought I met my match. high frequency. laws attracted.

Too afraid to wander, I had to let him go. for that was the millennial thing to do.






When Life Gives You Lemons Make Orange Juice and Leave the World Wondering How You Did It

It is June 11th, 2013 at 11:41am. I am sitting at my desk at work, bored, and the only thing I can think about are how the things I have accomplished over the past year are more important than the things I have accomplished for the past 25 years of my life.  In January I decided what I wanted to do with myself and enrolled in school…again after telling my mother to fuck off from being on my back for soo long. I will be graduating this December. Sorry, but you cannot force someone to do something with their life when they are not ready. In our younger years we were told that we must graduate high school, go to some overrated college and we will find our dream 9-5  job. Now that we are in our 20’s, 30-somethings we know that is bullshit…with exceptions. Don’t go to an expensive university, loans will suck the life out of you. The name of it doesn't matter; your skills and being able to market yourself do. You’re not going to get your dream job right away just because you graduated Cum Laude and your dad is friends with the Governor and district commissioners. More than likely you will start a job being someone’s bitch. You will hate it and do everything in your power to make sure this isn't somewhere that you will be stuck for the rest of your life.


Just note that I am writing this throughout the year. Not just today. So as experiences happen and people walk in and out of my life I will jot them down to the best of my ability.


2013 Lessons Learned:


1.             Sometimes you just have to put your pride aside and ask for help when you need it.

2.             I learned how to twerk…from Miley Cyrus. Not sure If that is really a lesson.

3.             Some of the things I was taught in middle/high school that I thought were irrelevant in the real world are actually quite beneficial. Schools just need to explain how it's all connected.

4.            The medical world is not meant to be understood so do not try to understand it. Just go with the flow. That is how most doctors end up crazy.

5.          Your past does not define you who you are…what you learned from it does.


Now I will attempt to write down sentimental thank you’s and fuck you’s to people in or out of my life without getting emotional. Here it goes:


To Daniel & Gordy aka DJ Loko & DJ Gorday! Daniel, you have shown me that not every frat boy is a misogynistic beer-swilling,  arrogant, sports enthused person. You are actually very cool for the minor crush I have had on you for quite some time. I miss our walks and crazy conversations to Gordy’s house after the bars closed at 4 in the morning. You have shown me that no matter what life brings you go out and dance, drink some Loko and have a good time. Gorday! Every time I see you I get the biggest smile on my face. I will never forget the time you had Daniel and I laughing uncontrollably because you couldn't remember the name of a song we requested. You guys will always be brothers to me for life.


To Sterling, Billy & Tim: Sterling…I miss you. We all do. The phone call I received from you after I left your home, you asked me to come back because you were still up and not as tired as you thought. Honestly I wish I did come back. Something told me to go back, but I didn’t. I regret it. I would never forget that night we went to the drive-thru of Wendy’s and before you got your order you said, “I hope they don’t put cheese on my burger. Every time I tell them not to put cheese on my burger, they always put cheese,” and of course when you checked your order there was cheese on your burger. I don’t know why I think that is so funny for as mad as you were. Then we went back to your place along with Catherine and Daniel and joked about how we have the same initials and if our last name started with a “D” our initials would be S.T.D. I will never forget traveling to the mountain house for only knowing you and your friends for just a few days and pretending we were in a roller-coaster in the bathtub.


If it wasn't for you I would have never met these amazing people named Billy and Tim. Thank you. You have left a great piece of you with me. Billy, for as long as I have known you, no matter what my jaw will always drop with your random outburst about sex and getting laid and Tim you are a great inspiration. I do not know what I would do without you both in my life. It  definitely wouldn't be as exciting and Tim, fuck Vera Wang…you are hired to design my wedding gown. I wish I was closer to the both of you. We need to make more time for each other between our busy lives.


To Koral & Ceddy: My A-Team. My brother and sister. My Statesboro gang.  I will never forget our skinny dipping sessions in the pool or our late night runs to Mickie D’s and trying to scare ourselves on ghost road. You guys made my college experience a memorable one. Koral, thank you for being a shoulder to lean on while I cried over Evan for days and being there for me when I had no one. You will always be my best friend. I cannot wait for us to get married so we can be a part of each other’s wedding and make drunken speeches. To Cedric, my twin. You always kept me up on my toes to where it was hard to catch up. For as much as I try to understand you I'm not really sure if I ever will. I love you both.


To Michael: This time I will try not to get emotional so I will make it short. You already know how much of a great deal you have changed my outlook on life in a course of a few months. I am soo happy for you and all that you have overcome. You have restored my faith in God for I know good things are coming my way. You are truly blessed.


To Amber: I will never forget our first encounter at E.T.C.A and out of the blue you said, “You know, I always thought you were stuck up, but you’re actually pretty cool." Well thanks Ambs. I love how swank and posh we are. I'm happy we have grown as close as we are over the past couple of years.


To my sister Makeda: Even though our parents say I asked for a baby sister which I still deny to this day, if it is true, I’m glad I did. I honestly don’t know what kind of person I would be if you didn’t come out of mom’s vagina. I envy the amount of confidence and “go-getta” attitude that you have. I am very proud of you.


To my brother, Specialist Teddy James and other military men and women out there: You are my hero. Thank you. You lack the amount of respect you deserve. 


To the Dean of Nursing at GA Southern who said I didn't have the drive of what it takes to be successful. Like Chris Brown said, “Look at me now”. You have inspired me to prove you wrong. Hope you enjoyed the letter I sent you. That’s how a lady says, “Go fuck yourself” nicely.


To the special and not so special guys who I have met over the course of this year who I wish to keep anonymous…


To the boy who I met at Piedmont Park with the most adorable son ever: I couldn't get you out of my head for a while and it made my head hurt, but in a good way. Growing up I was taught that atheist were devil worshippers and if I hung out with them they would suck the Holy Spirit out of me. Being around you has taught me that you (atheist) are like every other human being no matter what religion, race, sex, etc; with the exception that you have a short soul and lack of empathy as you have admitted.


You are actually kind and warm and you have the intellect that many people envy. You have left an imprint in my life. Not many people can do that. Every time I make a decision I will ask myself which will have a better story to tell as long as it will not harm anyone along the way. I will continue to take photos of life around me even on a rainy day and look through the glass instead of in it.  I'm glad I met you.

You are the reason for the title of this blog.



To the son of one of my good friends from school: Well…there’s just really not that much to say about you.


To the boy who tried to bring another girl on our date as if I would think it was okay: you are an asshole, but I see your type are those who look like they eat fast food everyday. I refuse to weigh that much. 

Here goes my rant...


To the parents who jaywalk with their kids in the middle of a busy intersection, set a better example. To rapist, murders and terrorists, fuck you. To the boys whose reason for cheating on their girlfriend’s is because, “she don’t treat me right.” What the fuck? Break up with her like a real man . To the females who find a man or have a child and say their life is “complete”, you are a moron, your life isn't complete until you are dead. To the government who hacked my blog to read this, this is not what I pay you for. To the arrogant sons-a-bitches who believe that homosexuality is a choice…did you not hear anything Lady Gaga said?


I do not use obscene language because I am angry. I use it because I like the ‘F’ word.  


The whole point of this is that even though life gave me some bad lemons, it also gave me you to help me turn those lemons into orange juice. Who wants sour lemonade any way?


Thank you all for reading this. If you were not mentioned it doesn't mean you have any less of a value in my life. I can only hope that I have inspired you all in some way that you have done with me. Through the good and bad I have learned a lesson from each and every one of them. You are all absolutely amazing. I cannot express my love for you in the simplicity of this blog, but I must go now for I have ranted, cried and laughed while writing this. 

"Behind every photograph there is a story to tell." Enjoy.


5 Things People Should Stop Taking For Granted.


5 Things People Should Stop Taking For Granted.

If you read my blog last year you would understand why I'm writing this one. Many of us around the world have soo much to be thankful for that we don't even know it. You can't truly experience how other people live around the world. Yeah you can read books, watch a documentary on TV, but you don't really know how other people live unless you've been in their shoes or experience life in someone's else world. I was born in a developing country and have been here for 3 weeks. I've been living in Atlanta since I was 7 and come from a very good family whom I wouldn't trade for the world. Here are 5 things I believe people, myself included, should stop taking for granted.
1. Water and electricity

Water in many developing countries is scarce. Many people where I come from depend on rain water. For the past 3 weeks I've been having to cut down on how much water I use and most times, at night, there was no running water to use so during the day we would have to fill buckets of water to cook, take showers and to wash our hands. Trinidad and Tobago has what they call a dry and wet season. During the first 6 months of the year is dry season and the last 6 months is wet season where it rains most of the time. I asked my family how they get by during the dry season and they said all they can do is hope and pray for rain. You see in America and other developed countries how our water pipes run underground? Well here in Trinibago they have they huge water tanks for each house that has a water pipe running underground. Depending on how many houses are on the street depends of how the water will run because soo many people are using water from the same pipe. When water is done, it's done and it will most likely come back in time for the morning.

Some friends and family of mine asked me, if in America, if water cuts off like it does here. I told them no. Technically speaking your water is only "cut off" if you don't pay your water bill, but you still always have running water, it's just cold. And just to let you know Trini's bathe in cold water because the temperature is so hot. Water is a huge issue for many countries whether it's for clean water or scarce of water. Imagine not being able to take a shower for days at a time or out of a bucket, which I've been doing for the past three weeks.

Trinibago also has one power source which is located in Port of Spain. So if the lights go out the whole country is in darkness. The longest they have been out of electricity was for 3 days straight.

You can read how the country is bettering their water sources here.

2. WiFi

I've been lucky enough to stay at my aunts house where she does have Wifi. Sometimes people here are not able to use Wifi all the time like we are because their phone bill may not be set up that way. So they pay by the minute or as they go. So if you live in a big ass house don't complain because you need two routers to connect to the internet everywhere in your house for one stable price a month.

3. Transportation

Majority of the people in this country do not have cars therefore they take the maxi to and from work/school. Unleaded gas in Trinidad and Tobago is on average $2.50 TT ($1 US to $6 TT). Trinidad is the richest country in the Caribbean because they produce their own oil. A maxi ride no matter the distance is $3TT. During the school year transportation can become scarce to those going to work, especially if you're an employee who works grave yard shifts.

4. Your Job

Minimun wage in Trinibago is $2 US. Yes you read that correctly and their rent and mortgages are still the same as you can find at least in the south. Groceries are also the same price. So when you're complaining that your job doesn't pay you enough go look for another one and be happy that you have one because the people of this beautiful country have to work as hard as you do for much less than you and still be able to afford the same things that you have.

5. "Freedom"

Many people say freedom isn't really free, but you won't really know that until you travel. Be happy their are laws to protect your rights, or that the government may be listening on your conversations to protect our nation from terrorism. Trinibago has laws, but most and it may be safe to say all people don't follow them and they get away with it. Most of the time the police never find murders and rapist. The speed limit will be 80 and people will drive 100mph and a cop will be at the side of the road and not do anything unless they feel like it. Also pedestrians don't have the right-a-way so look both sides multiple time before crossing the street. They park on the opposite side of the street keeping up traffic and about 80% of the people drink and drive drunk. I witnessed one taxi driver get out of his car and he was so drunk he hit his head on the side walk...yes, a taxi driver, so be very careful of who you drive with.

The whole point of this blog is to be grateful for what you have and where you come from because many people on this earth are living worse than you. I hope you learned something today and will live your life free and never taking anything for granted.



Full Hearts. Empty Minds.


     I recently came back from a wonderful vacation in Trinidad & Tobago. During this Holiday I got to experience my first family reunion. I met family from Grenada, London, Canada, and California who I did not know about until now and reconnected with family in Trinidad.  Every night something was planned for us to do. We visited Tobago and swam in the Buccoo reef, enjoyed bake and shark on the sandy white beaches of Pigeon Point, had church service where two of my cousins embraced the word of God through their dance, competed against some relatives during Family Fun Day and danced and mingled the night away during our formal and final night together as “The Marcelle’s”. Through this experience I got to view my family tree of 7,000 family members around the world, thanks to my grandparents for having 16 children and my grandfather coming from a big family as well. I got the chance to hear the most beautiful accents in the world, eat the most exquisite foods, some strange, and learn about people who I am related to whom come from a completely different world.

     Growing up my parents didn’t shelter us from a world of hate or prejudice. They told my siblings and I everything we needed to know about worldly things and what life would be like when we got to be the age to have our own responsibilities, but at the same time they let us be children. Since I was 8 we traveled to Trinidad to visit relatives every 5 years, they took us on a cruise to Mexico, Barbados for Christmas, Disney World for acting auditions, and Jamaica for our birthdays. As a young child this was all in fun for me, as a late teenager and in my early twenties it was just a vacation to get away from school, but now traveling and seeing the world is an educational experience. I see things that never caught my attention while traveling when I was younger.

     I remember back when I was 12 visiting cousins in Trinidad; it was fun just to hang out in our hotel and go to the pool every day or go to grandmother’s house to watch cartoons and eat something besides hotel food. Now that I have visited my birthplace at the age of 25 I have noticed how the island and the people are different from the place I grew up. The streets are not divided with yellow lines to distinguish north and south bound traffic, there is only one electrical unit in all of Trinidad and if current were to blow out the whole country would be in darkness. Everyone says good night and good morning when they pass you by and people who have very little have the biggest smiles on their faces than those who have a lot. The things I would never take for granted is having hot water to bathe with every day, there were days where we had no water and we couldn’t bathe at all. I would never take for granted a toilet that works and a sink that doesn’t have plumbing problems. Mind you these are the conditions I was living in for 10 days where in order to get the water out of the sink, so I could wash my face, was to use cups to take the water out.  I even witnessed other hotel residents taking baths in the pool just to get clean. I thought to myself that this is what other people in this country are accustomed to. Not all, but most and this only accumulates to some of the conditions some of the people in this beautiful country live in.

     The reason I’m writing this is because I had been away from my phone and internet for two weeks, for as much as I missed Facebook and seeing what was going on in my friends lives, I was too busy learning about my new relatives and what their countries were like. I uploaded beautiful pictures of the island and of my family member’s to share with my friends in the U.S. I read my wall and all what my friends had been up to while I was away and out of touch only to realize I had missed the VMA’s and Miley Cyrus’ talked-around-the-world twerking on Robin Thicke and to only see one post of many about America’s talk about war on Syria. I realized how empty our minds are on what is truly going on in the world. We say how passionate we are about things, but no one really seems to go about what their passionate for. I have realized that we can’t just expect to become educated in what is taught in schools. I have realized that these social media sites are only here so that we can become distracted from what is truly going on in the world. It’s sad and sickening at the same time. There is soo much to learn, see and experience.

      2014 is my trip to London with a few cousins and my sister. I’m hungry to learn more about another part of the world I have never been. To see how these people live their daily lives. I hope to learn how to love more and hate less.  How to not take for granted where I come from… the land of the “free”.



If You Were to Disappear Would Anyone Miss You?

Two years ago I stumbled upon an article about a woman named, Joyce Carol Vincent, who was very popular among her friends. She was an aspiring singer in London and hung out with many elite people.  One day a woman called the police about a foul smell coming from her apartment. She complained about the smell to her land lord, but he couldn’t tell where it was coming from. A body was then discovered by bailiffs who came to repossess an apartment for non-payment of rent. There they noticed a decomposing body. The police said the body had been deceased for 3 years.

This body belonged to the woman who was once so popular and surrounded herself with many people. No one noticed her gone and no family reported her missing. When I saw photos of this woman she was beautiful with long, dark curly hair, caramel skin and a smile that was as bright as the moon. Just by looking at the photo the LPD showed the public you can tell that the room would light up every time she walked in it. I wondered to myself how a woman so beautiful, talented and with soo many friends could be forgotten, especially having the kind of job she did. Wasn’t there an agent that called her multiple times to ask why she wasn’t at work or friends who called to ask her to go out to a party? Reading more into the article I found that there is a movie on her life called, Dream of a Life, but it was only being shown in the UK and to it show it anywhere else one had get a certain amount of signatures from people to host a private viewing in their region.


Like Joyce, as many people as she surrounded herself with, I don’t let people in my personal life as I should. I can be distant. I occasionally hang out with friends if it’s just for a party or some sort of Holiday gathering, but I never open myself up privately to let people know what’s going on in my head. I was always that pretty girl who sat in the corner and watched everyone have their fun, mingled and laugh with some here and there and when I got tired or bored I would leave and most of the time not say goodbye. Rarely would people later call up and ask where I had gone. I never did this on purpose to see how people would react. It’s just how I depart a situation I no longer want to be a part of. Is this why Joyce was so easily forgotten? Like Joyce, I have a great group of friends, every time I get called to hang out I rarely say no, I volunteer for the same charity a couple of times every month and speak to whomever I can and make my presence known. Was this not enough for people to remember Joyce? Was she some stuck up bitch that people refused to deal with, hung around her because of her status and just smiled to her face every time she was around? There are things about her personal life that not even the media could grasp. It took them months just to find a photo of what she looked like before her skeleton laying on the couch, surrounded by wrapped Christmas gifts, was found.


This is not meant to be a depressing topic. It’s a question I believe that everyone should ask themselves along with “How will my friends and family remember me?” This may also catch some people’s fear of dying alone. Though this may be a rare case have you ever asked yourself, “If I were to disappear would anyone miss me?”


You can read more of Joyce’s story here:



Don't Use Your Children As An Excuse

Thought for the day:


Why do some parents make their child(ren) an excuse for whatever reason?


This week I've had the chance to talk to many parents about success and sadly numerous times I kept getting EXCUSES that start with "My kids..." or "Since I've had kids, I've had to sacrifice...". First off you do not sacrifice anything for your kids. I never understood that statement. I don't care whether they were a planned pregnancy or not because at the end of the day you still chose to keep them.

Excuse my language and this may offend some people but I lack a great deal of empathy when it comes to this matter...

My parents and I are from Trinidad and it's always been my mothers dream to come to America and own a daycare. She left my dad and I to come to America to work so she can bring us to the States. During that process she went to nursing school, became an LPN and got her green card so she could file for my dad and I and then we came. We lived in NY, didn't have a car and had to walk everywhere. Mind you I'm an 18 month old. I can't wipe my own ass, change my clothes, help with chores, etc. I was a handful. Then we moved to Atlanta where she saved up enough money to start a daycare. It was in a small ass apartment. By this time my parents have a 6 year old daughter and a one year old and eventually my brother. My parents then saved up to get a bigger place and my dad flipped a part of the house and turned it into her dream in-home daycare. Never once, growing up, did my mom make an excuse that her 3 kids were holding her back from doing what she needed to do to make things happen. Never once did she say she had to sacrifice giving up her dream because of her kids. She could have made excuses or waited till I was older to come here. She could have complained about not having time. She could have complained that life was too hard, but because she didn't make excuses that's why she's in a place she always dreamed of. Now she's running a successful daycare that's licensed through the state.

Oh and my dad? He's living his dream too. He grew up landscaping and doing construction and all that crap and has been doing such job for 20+ years. Never sacrificed a damn thing.

So think about what you say before you get your kids involved because all I hear is "If I didn't have children then I could have...." 



Dear 20-Something and Frustrated Females...

I saw a friend post a status the other day expressing how she wasn't where she wanted to be in life and how her friends who finished college are living their dreams and have happy families. She mentioned how she felt at the age of 26 she was now finishing college and maybe her life would have been in a much better place if she just had done what she was suppose to do. I also graduated college at the age of 26. I wasn't thinking of my age and how many of my friends graduated before me I was just thinking how it was finally over and I can finally move on to another chapter in my life. Not really sure where I''m going with this maybe it's an open letter or just a rant, but bear with me.

Am I the only 20-something year old female who is content with life and where I am besides my other close female friends? I mean I'm not married, no kids...yet (thank goodness), I have a couple of projects I'm working on overseas and a few here in the city. I'm building an empire for myself and future family. Never in my life did I feel like I needed a significant other to feel "whole" or really happy so it confuses me when I hear women say that. Don't get me wrong yes it does get lonely at times and there are moments where you want to talk to someone on an intimate level to share your deep thoughts with, but I never got the feeling of " oh my gosh I'm in my mid-20's no husband. No kids. My life is over!" Sometimes I feel like something is wrong with me because I do not act or feel this way about these kind of situations. Maybe it's the feminist in me or watching way to many real housewife reality shows. 

If there is anything I have learned it's definitely not to envy what other people have. How are we so sure that the families we see outside their environment are really happy? Maybe your friends are in a better position than mine, but I see soo many people that I use to hang out with married with more than two children, living on welfare or at their parents house and can barely pay bills with only one car for transportation if any at all. What's wrong with today's generation is that we still think that at the age of 25 you have to have it all. You have to have that big job, white picket fence and happy family or at least be married and sadly this crap about "living the perfect life by the age of 25" comes from our parents and peers who are already married and living that lifestyle. We cant even open a magazine with out reading some dumb article about the perfect color lipstick to wear to attract a guy. really?! Lipstick?! I don't even wear make-up so I guess that must mean I'll be single for the rest of my life. Some have it better than others and for the rest of us it just isn't time yet. So if you're 25 and have no children give yourself a pat on the back. Go travel the world (maybe you'll meet a nice man with a sexy accent), get a full time job with nice benefits or start your own business so you can pay off debt and bills. Focus on yourself because if you don't feel 100% about you no one else will. 



If you've never seen Charlize Theron's movie "Young Adult" I highly suggest you watch it as it relates to this blog.

I just wrote this for any other ladies feeling the way this girl did. Just please stop comparing your life to other people. If there was a book on how to have the perfect life by 25 we could all read and do everything that book said and still end up on different paths.



Dream Board - Vacation House


I haven't post a blog in what seems like a life time, but 2014 kept me really busy from traveling to starting my own business. I can definitely say that 2014 was a wild ride, but definitely a great one.  After learning all that I could from real estate to stocks there is no doubt that my dreams only got bigger. I've realized that the time it will take me to save the money I needed to renovate my dream home while working a 9-5, being in the marketing industry would only take me less than half the time to complete my goals if I just stick with it.

My parents have a home overseas. Learning about the difference between assets and liabilities I decided to turn their home into a vacation home. The island is known for carnival, so I knew I would get a high demand during the season. This year I plan on starting the renovations. Thank goodness for having contractors in the family. Here are a few of my ideas.

Living room: I love the idea of having tavertine tile through out the house and felt like going for a more tropical feel. We're not that close to beach so why not make it feel like we are.


Contemporary Living Room by La Jolla Architects & Building Designers ELECTRONIC ARTISTRY

Kitchen: I love the "clean-open feel" of a kitchen. White cabinets and dark floors along with stainless steel appliances.


Traditional Kitchen by Solon Interior Designers & Decorators House of L Interior Design



Dining room: I'm still thinking about colors and a design I want for here, but this is something I've thought of with a splash of color.


Beach Style Dining Room by Durham Architects & Building Designers Lily + Luxe Design Co


There are 2 guest rooms. Here is the concept I have for the first one.  Nautical theme and it would be great for kids who are staying there.



The other guest room: I have no idea what I want for this room either, but I want to use neutral colors and have a whole wall with French doors.





Master bedroom: This is the room I know I'm going to have fun with. For some reason I've got a taste for a beach-Victorian style decor along with french doors with a  view of the backyard.



Asian Bathroom by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators James Patrick Walters


Backyard: Since the house isn't close to the beach it should at least have a pool. I love the beauty of the floor for the patio and the palm shaped fans. The back yard is large enough for many things so I've decided to add a patio, pool, putting green and outdoor kitchen and of course it will be filled with palm trees and mango trees. I'm sure the guests would like that.






Hello again there world. I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I've been pretty busy building a new site for my blogs and traveling the world, but I'm baaaccck!

So as we all know during the weekend we had some major world events occur such as terrorist activities in certain parts of the world due to rebellious groups such as Boko Haram and Isis. One of the major and most talked about event was the terrorist attack in Paris. I am not here to speak about the events that happened on November 13, 2015 but people's reaction towards those who chose to "pray" for Paris and decided to use the hastag #FUCKPARIS. These people were extremely upset that people focused their attention more on the attacks in Paris than the rest of the world. I mean, people were really really upset about this. First I would like to bring this to everyones attention and excuse my language, but no one knew about the rest of the fucking attacks that happened on Novemer 13th until one person brought it up. We all found out on the same day at the same time. So those of you who bashed people for sympathizingover the lives that were lost and for people changing their profile photo to the French flag shame on you. The way you acted was embarrassing. This is not a competition on who had the greatest terrorist attack of all time.


Some of you may have forgotten that earlier in the year I shared some stories about what was happening in Nigeria. My sister and I are planning an African tour and I made it known to the Facebook community that we were looking for any volunteers who would like to come to Africa with us and see what was going on and bring the people's stories back to the U.S. No one volunteered. Not even one 'like' was given on my post. A few months after I shared stories of what was happening in Syria and someone got soo fed up that they told me why I shouldn't be sharing it and questioned my empathy. This persons reason for not wanting Syrian refugees coming to his country was becausehe did not want to pay for the people entering. Let me back up a minute. I had that very same thought, but something in me could not see these people suffer. I'm sorry but it is not human to think that way. To me all lives matter, but the only time people notcied was when I changed my profile photo. So as a person who actually gives a damn about what is going on in world and gets off her ass to change it instead of arguing on social media you might want to think twice about questioning why people show more empathy to one event than another. 


For one people can show empathy for whomever or whatever they choose. Some of us have family and friends in France. I for one have planned a trip to France in two weeks. Anything could have happened at any given time and just knowing that maybe it could have been me hit a bit closer to home. Instead of arguing why people changed a silly profile photo it would have been best to EDUCATE people about similar events happening around the world instead of bashing them for it. Instead of arguing with one another we should be giving hell to the people in the white house. It is no secret who started ISIS so why are we not coming together and getting congress and the former president out on the front line fighting this war? 


Oh and for those who refuse to allow syrians in their country do you own an iPhone? 

Thought so.


So I ask of you donate to organizations, feed the homeless, love one another, travel and be merry.