Be Still in Your Season

Experiencing manifestations through our Creator and using the Heaven as my magnetic force to receive blessings and guidance to being an obedient DISCIPLE.

That statement may confuse some. How are you religious and spiritual? Isn't that suppose to be separate? No, everything is one.  When we are going through our bamboo season or season of release there are those who use God as a vehicle to guide them, those who seek a 'higher power' whether they want to admit it is God or not and those who call on the 'god of luck’. First I want to say to those who seek a 'higher power' as a source for guidance, you have tapped into the Holy Spirit whether you realize it or not. That inner voice is not a good or evil angel on either shoulder giving you direction, it's the Holy Spirit of your creator activated in you trying to guide you in making the right decisions. The one your creator has already willed for your life [John 14:26] so start acknowledging it. What I've noticed is those who are still [Ps 46:10] and have a close relationship with God are able to succeed accordingly. They will have struggles, but one thing for sure God guides them and gives them His strength to move mountains [1 Peter 5:10]. 

I'm not saying that God doesn't help unbelievers. I personally believe He does under certain circumstances so that you can see He is the one working through you [EPHESIANS 2: 8-10, Prov 15:8]. What I believe is that if you start something without God you have to go through the struggles of whatever you are trying to obtain with out Him as well. I've learned that the hard way. I've prayed for things, but as soon as I'd receive them I completely dismissed Him in all aspects until it was gone and I would plead for it again realizing that I never thanked Him while I had it [1 Thess 5:18].

Before my recent experiences with Satan I struggled with having faith. That's possibly where my lack of giving thanks stemmed from. I've had people tell me the closer you get to Jah the more Satan tries to battle you. I am not one to give evil too much credit or acknowledgement. I actually dismiss it, but I am aware of my surroundings and protect my spirit [2 Cor 2:11]. I was at my parents house for new year and after the clock struck 12 I got into deep prayer with my Lord & Savior. It's a ritual I've been doing for the past 3 years. Soon after I fell asleep I heard my dad come in my room. After I heard him close the door I started to experience a state of sleep paralysis. I've experienced it before, but this time was different. Very different. Usually I just pray Psalms 23 when it happens and it's over, but it continued.

I tried to sit up on the bed, but I couldn't move nor open my eyes. I was finally able to lift up my right arm, but as soon as I did I felt something like chains holding it down. At the same time I felt hands around my wrist trying to pull me up, but I couldn't break free. As this is going on I feel an arm sliding across my back and it’s fingers pressed to my ribs trying to hold me up. I could feel that this was a very peaceful spirit helping me from whatever was holding me down. Finally I heard a great voice say "Worship Me" [James 4:7, Hosea 11:10]. Though I couldn't speak, in my mind I started worshiping God and being thankful that His angels were helping me. After it was over I realized my dad never came in my room. He wasn't home at all. No one was. My spirit began to tell me that Satan's only power is deception and that there is nothing to fear. I was shown that as long as I continue serving and worshiping my Creator there is nothing God can't do to get me out of a situation. I was shown another time while sleeping that Satan is very weak. I'm not sure if I'd been subconsciously thinking whether or not God really has my back like He says He does or questioning the strength of Satan, but while sleeping I could feel myself almost levitating from my bed. I started to sit upright and whatever it was making me do this, it wasn't of God. All I can remember is that it left and I started talking to God as if he was next to me and with a burst of laughter saying, 'Satan is so weak!" 

I can't say that the thoughts of doubt or anxiety doesn’t interrupt my peace at times, but as soon as negative thoughts surface I quickly replace them with trust in God and meditation [Psalm 119:148, Isaiah 41:10]. In the middle of my season I received a book titled, "You've Already Got it! So Quit Trying To Get It!" It's a book written by a pastor (Andrew Wommack) that examines scriptures based on faith and teaches us how to pray to manifest our gifts and how to properly read the scriptures. This is also a book I advise for Christians to gift to those who question our faith and why we know that God exist [Romans 1:20]. So for those of you in your bamboo season or season of release, as an example of my testimony understand that God is calling on you and it takes for you to be still so that you can hear His commands clearly. Everything you do, do it with gratitude, patience and steadfast. 

God Bless.

Jeremiah 29 12-14