Hello again there world. I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I've been pretty busy building a new site for my blogs and traveling the world, but I'm baaaccck!

So as we all know during the weekend we had some major world events occur such as terrorist activities in certain parts of the world due to rebellious groups such as Boko Haram and Isis. One of the major and most talked about event was the terrorist attack in Paris. I am not here to speak about the events that happened on November 13, 2015 but people's reaction towards those who chose to "pray" for Paris and decided to use the hastag #FUCKPARIS. These people were extremely upset that people focused their attention more on the attacks in Paris than the rest of the world. I mean, people were really really upset about this. First I would like to bring this to everyones attention and excuse my language, but no one knew about the rest of the fucking attacks that happened on Novemer 13th until one person brought it up. We all found out on the same day at the same time. So those of you who bashed people for sympathizingover the lives that were lost and for people changing their profile photo to the French flag shame on you. The way you acted was embarrassing. This is not a competition on who had the greatest terrorist attack of all time.


Some of you may have forgotten that earlier in the year I shared some stories about what was happening in Nigeria. My sister and I are planning an African tour and I made it known to the Facebook community that we were looking for any volunteers who would like to come to Africa with us and see what was going on and bring the people's stories back to the U.S. No one volunteered. Not even one 'like' was given on my post. A few months after I shared stories of what was happening in Syria and someone got soo fed up that they told me why I shouldn't be sharing it and questioned my empathy. This persons reason for not wanting Syrian refugees coming to his country was becausehe did not want to pay for the people entering. Let me back up a minute. I had that very same thought, but something in me could not see these people suffer. I'm sorry but it is not human to think that way. To me all lives matter, but the only time people notcied was when I changed my profile photo. So as a person who actually gives a damn about what is going on in world and gets off her ass to change it instead of arguing on social media you might want to think twice about questioning why people show more empathy to one event than another. 


For one people can show empathy for whomever or whatever they choose. Some of us have family and friends in France. I for one have planned a trip to France in two weeks. Anything could have happened at any given time and just knowing that maybe it could have been me hit a bit closer to home. Instead of arguing why people changed a silly profile photo it would have been best to EDUCATE people about similar events happening around the world instead of bashing them for it. Instead of arguing with one another we should be giving hell to the people in the white house. It is no secret who started ISIS so why are we not coming together and getting congress and the former president out on the front line fighting this war? 


Oh and for those who refuse to allow syrians in their country do you own an iPhone? 

Thought so.


So I ask of you donate to organizations, feed the homeless, love one another, travel and be merry.