I haven't post a blog in what seems like a life time, but 2014 kept me really busy from traveling to starting my own business. I can definitely say that 2014 was a wild ride, but definitely a great one.  After learning all that I could from real estate to stocks there is no doubt that my dreams only got bigger. I've realized that the time it will take me to save the money I needed to renovate my dream home while working a 9-5, being in the marketing industry would only take me less than half the time to complete my goals if I just stick with it.

My parents have a home overseas. Learning about the difference between assets and liabilities I decided to turn their home into a vacation home. The island is known for carnival, so I knew I would get a high demand during the season. This year I plan on starting the renovations. Thank goodness for having contractors in the family. Here are a few of my ideas.

Living room: I love the idea of having tavertine tile through out the house and felt like going for a more tropical feel. We're not that close to beach so why not make it feel like we are.


Contemporary Living Room by La Jolla Architects & Building Designers ELECTRONIC ARTISTRY

Kitchen: I love the "clean-open feel" of a kitchen. White cabinets and dark floors along with stainless steel appliances.


Traditional Kitchen by Solon Interior Designers & Decorators House of L Interior Design



Dining room: I'm still thinking about colors and a design I want for here, but this is something I've thought of with a splash of color.


Beach Style Dining Room by Durham Architects & Building Designers Lily + Luxe Design Co


There are 2 guest rooms. Here is the concept I have for the first one.  Nautical theme and it would be great for kids who are staying there.



The other guest room: I have no idea what I want for this room either, but I want to use neutral colors and have a whole wall with French doors.





Master bedroom: This is the room I know I'm going to have fun with. For some reason I've got a taste for a beach-Victorian style decor along with french doors with a  view of the backyard.



Asian Bathroom by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators James Patrick Walters


Backyard: Since the house isn't close to the beach it should at least have a pool. I love the beauty of the floor for the patio and the palm shaped fans. The back yard is large enough for many things so I've decided to add a patio, pool, putting green and outdoor kitchen and of course it will be filled with palm trees and mango trees. I'm sure the guests would like that.