If you read my blog last year you would understand why I'm writing this one. Many of us around the world have soo much to be thankful for that we don't even know it. You can't truly experience how other people live around the world. Yeah you can read books, watch a documentary on TV, but you don't really know how other people live unless you've been in their shoes or experience life in someone's else world. I was born in a developing country and have been here for 3 weeks. I've been living in Atlanta since I was 7 and come from a very good family whom I wouldn't trade for the world. Here are 5 things I believe people, myself included, should stop taking for granted.
1. Water and electricity

Water in many developing countries is scarce. Many people where I come from depend on rain water. For the past 3 weeks I've been having to cut down on how much water I use and most times, at night, there was no running water to use so during the day we would have to fill buckets of water to cook, take showers and to wash our hands. Trinidad and Tobago has what they call a dry and wet season. During the first 6 months of the year is dry season and the last 6 months is wet season where it rains most of the time. I asked my family how they get by during the dry season and they said all they can do is hope and pray for rain. You see in America and other developed countries how our water pipes run underground? Well here in Trinibago they have they huge water tanks for each house that has a water pipe running underground. Depending on how many houses are on the street depends of how the water will run because soo many people are using water from the same pipe. When water is done, it's done and it will most likely come back in time for the morning.

Some friends and family of mine asked me, if in America, if water cuts off like it does here. I told them no. Technically speaking your water is only "cut off" if you don't pay your water bill, but you still always have running water, it's just cold. And just to let you know Trini's bathe in cold water because the temperature is so hot. Water is a huge issue for many countries whether it's for clean water or scarce of water. Imagine not being able to take a shower for days at a time or out of a bucket, which I've been doing for the past three weeks.

Trinibago also has one power source which is located in Port of Spain. So if the lights go out the whole country is in darkness. The longest they have been out of electricity was for 3 days straight.

You can read how the country is bettering their water sources here.

2. WiFi

I've been lucky enough to stay at my aunts house where she does have Wifi. Sometimes people here are not able to use Wifi all the time like we are because their phone bill may not be set up that way. So they pay by the minute or as they go. So if you live in a big ass house don't complain because you need two routers to connect to the internet everywhere in your house for one stable price a month.

3. Transportation

Majority of the people in this country do not have cars therefore they take the maxi to and from work/school. Unleaded gas in Trinidad and Tobago is on average $2.50 TT ($1 US to $6 TT). Trinidad is the richest country in the Caribbean because they produce their own oil. A maxi ride no matter the distance is $3TT. During the school year transportation can become scarce to those going to work, especially if you're an employee who works grave yard shifts.

4. Your Job

Minimun wage in Trinibago is $2 US. Yes you read that correctly and their rent and mortgages are still the same as you can find at least in the south. Groceries are also the same price. So when you're complaining that your job doesn't pay you enough go look for another one and be happy that you have one because the people of this beautiful country have to work as hard as you do for much less than you and still be able to afford the same things that you have.

5. "Freedom"

Many people say freedom isn't really free, but you won't really know that until you travel. Be happy their are laws to protect your rights, or that the government may be listening on your conversations to protect our nation from terrorism. Trinibago has laws, but most and it may be safe to say all people don't follow them and they get away with it. Most of the time the police never find murders and rapist. The speed limit will be 80 and people will drive 100mph and a cop will be at the side of the road and not do anything unless they feel like it. Also pedestrians don't have the right-a-way so look both sides multiple time before crossing the street. They park on the opposite side of the street keeping up traffic and about 80% of the people drink and drive drunk. I witnessed one taxi driver get out of his car and he was so drunk he hit his head on the side walk...yes, a taxi driver, so be very careful of who you drive with.

The whole point of this blog is to be grateful for what you have and where you come from because many people on this earth are living worse than you. I hope you learned something today and will live your life free and never taking anything for granted.