Why do people in lower developed countries appear happier than those who have 'everything'?

I enjoy reading blogs and articles of people visiting under-developed nations in certain parts of the world. When they come back they share how beautiful the people are and how inviting the community is. They speak of the diverse foods they got to share with the locals and participating in their culture. One thing that never fails to be mentioned about the locals is how happy they are even though they have less than most. Recently I have been listening to podcast and watching sermons of some of the most influential people of our time. I don't even think I've listened to music in the past week. I've gotten addicted to learning about people's success through struggle and how the laws of the universe helped them get their foot through the third door (Alex Banayan).

I feel that when people come back from their journey they express how wonderfully happy the people they've met along the way are, but they do not get descriptive. The most important and sometimes most annoying question you can ever ask is 'Why'? These are children not knowing when their next meal will be. Some have to skip class or drop out of school to care for their loved ones and are unsure if they'll complete their education. There are people who walk miles just to get clean water and have no access to proper healthcare yet we are warmed with the biggest smiles we will ever see. For those of us living in developed countries we are consumed by technology and always needing to have the latest and most advance piece of metal and plastic. We are constantly sold on how we should look and dress, the types of cars we should drive and the latest appliances we need to have in our homes. Sadly we are not sold on how to make our families work. Alternatively we see more billboards along our highways to contact a divorce lawyer instead of how to keep a home happy. Subconsciously we are sold on going on more vacations so we can worker harder at our jobs, always being 'happy' & disfiguring our bodies to look 'perfect' instead of being taught about self love and money management.

The reason our brothers and sisters in developing countries are happy is because they are not exposed to these false teachings telling them how they should look or the things they should have. Can you imagine never being surrounded by such toxic how much happier we would be with ourselves? Another thing is love. We lack showing one another love and most importantly ourselves. Love is the most valuable thing we have disposed of in our everyday lives due to the selfish world we live in. Even though they have less than the average person we should never fail to see that the reason these people have true happiness is because they do not have anything of little value interfering with what is important...love. 

“Love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment, and the second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and prophets hang on these two things. “

Matthew 22 37-40 NIV

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