How To Ride The London Tube

"Mind the gap." I'm really going to miss hearing that. For someone who is not use to riding public transporation the tube map was difficult to understand. The locals are soo kind and willing to help. I never came across anyone who was rude when I asked them how to get to  a specific destination. The day I throughly learned how to understand the tube was when I asked someone for directions. His reponse to me was, "look up." Next thing you know I see a sign that read my destination and the length of time I would have to wait for my train to arrive. This is the key to riding the tube. When I was doing my research before my departure what was missing was this one helpful tip. Here are a few more tips to help you on your journey.


  • Plan your route before you leave. Know which line you have to take to your destination and if you need a connecting train. The London Underground incudes 11 lines with 270 stations.

  • Once you get off the plane there is usually someone handing out free maps. If you don't get one it's easy to download an app on your phone. I used this TFL recommended app.

  • Identify what zone your destination is in. Six concentric zones are marked on the map by alternate white and gray in the back ground. Most major tourist destinations are within zones 1 and 2. 

  • Know the difference between a Travelcard and Oystercard. A Travelcard (paper ticket) is valid for 1 to 7 days and an Oystercard is a prepaid card that you can add credit to at anytime. To make sure you are staying within your budget, select a ticket that will work in the zones you choose to travel. An Oyster card also works for the bus.

  • Make sure you are at the correct platform for the train going your direction. There will be electronic signs at some platforms that will tell you how many minutes until your train arrives. 

  • You have to use your card to enter and exit the station so make sure you always have it handy. When you purchase your Oystercard call the number on the back to register it. If you ever lose your card they will give you another one with your remaining balance.

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Happy Travels!