I'm in Trinidad and Tobago where I was born currently visiting family and friends and soon to call this island home. For the weekend my family and friends decided to go on a vacation and rent a beach house in Toco. How many people get to go a vacation within a vacation? lol From where I was staying in Arima the drive was about 2 hours long going up the mountains and on some narrow and really windy roads. We took a break and stopped at an overlook of the ocean within our half way point.With a group of 9+ people we stayed in Tocopita Villa. A 3 bedroom house, fully equipped kitchen and gorgeous view of the ocean. If you ever need anything the main office is a 10 minute walk downhill near one of the sister villa's called Hosanna. Hosanna, in my opinion, was a much nicer villa with a better view of the ocean and accompanies 6 persons. There is no "beach" per-say but you can walk down the stairs to the ocean and do some rock climbing, but I'll leave that to the brave. Also on Hosanna's property is a gazebo and two hammocks which would make a lovely time to lay and watch the sunrise or sunset and if you look ahead you will see the tip of Tobago. 

The next day after having a big lime ("party" in Trini slang) and recovering we found a beach and went out and took a swim. On our way we stopped and took some photos. Be mindful that we are on a mountain and walking on windy roads so there are many blind spots. Know which side of the road to walk on so if you have a group of 6 best bet is to book a room at Hosanna Resort. With the area we chose to bathe in you still have to be careful because there are some big rocks in the ocean and gives out some pretty big waves from time to time, but a great spot to take photos.


This past weekend has been very adventurous. Every one should take time to travel for weeks or even months at the time to truly experience the world we live in and the best part is that we get to create our own adventure. I'm TravelJunkii and I hope to see you to travel across the globe.